Best large, mid-size and small cruise ships in 2013

Best large, mid-size and small cruise ships in 2013

The Cruise Critic Cruisers Choice Awards 2013 has now been finalized and we can now see which are the best large, mid-size and small cruise ships in 2013. These rankings have been based on ratings that were given by website members in the UK, and were based on cruise reviews from 2012, which had to be submitted by February 1, 2013.

There are three categories to look at here, these are the best, large, mid-size and small ships, and from the looks of it Disney Cruises has done very well in the first category.

In the top five for the best larger ships in the Cruise Critic Cruisers Choice Awards 2013 are the Disney Fantasy, Celebrity Eclipse, Allure of the Seas, Disney Dream and Celebrity Solstice.

You will notice the top five mid-size ship results are a little random, as they include the Noordam, Marina, Thomson Dream, Norwegian Spirit and the Norwegian Sun. It does seem strange to see a couple of those ships there when you consider there are newer ships with no mention.

The best overall small ships are the Azamara Quest, Azamara Journey, Wind Surf, Crystal Serenity and Paul Gauguin.

You can see the complete list here, but we have to say we are very surprised by some of the results, because there are some obscure, older ships in the results. However, it just means that you do not need to throw a huge amount of money into a ship to make it a popular choice with the public.

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  • trevor whitney

    these cruise companies should all re think the fact that they don,t allow for single people to pay the single price if they are travelling alone, at least have some single cabins. the single person is more then willing to share if they can be buddies up. we spend just as much on board the ship as any body else, in fact it is proven that they tend to spend more. so many people are missing out on the joys of cruising all because we don,t have people to cruise with. SHAME ON YOU ALL- that don,t do this, i have noticed that it is not ONE mentioned at all about the single person and how much they have enjoyed the luxury of being able to cruise at the single rate and not having to be forced to pay double rate. i am a platinum card cruiser, and still there is no help..Is there anybody out there that can hear what i am saying.