Titanic 2 testing begins in September, on a small scale

Titanic 2 testing begins in September, on a small scale

Building up to the launch of the Titanic 2 ship is a slow process, but then there are so many things the Blue Star Line needs to have in place before they even start to build the cruise liner sequel. However, this next step is one of the most important.

It was announced several days ago that the Titanic 2 testing is to begin in September, but only on a small scale at first. Next month will see the first model testing of the anticipated ship, and will be conducted by the Hamburg Ship Model Basin, or HSVA as they are better known in the industry.

The model will be subjected to speeds of a scale of 18 and 24 knots, and is an important part of the process, as it will give the designers and ship builders an idea of the Titanic 2 ship speed and power performance. If they are happy with the results, then the Blue Star Line and the team behind the construction will be able to move ahead to the next step in the project, whatever that may be.

Titanic 2 is still a prototype at this stage and the reason why it has taken so long just to get to this stage is because the design of the hull is not used by modern cruise ships, and so they cannot use them as references.

We look forward to when they start cutting the steel and lay the keel, as that is when you know the project is well underway. There is no fear of the project running into finical difficulty because the owner of Blue Star Line has received several offers from people in the UAE, although he said he does not need the help.

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