Latest cruise ship cancellations with mechanical issues

Latest cruise ship cancellations with mechanical issues

The 18-year-old Sun Princess lost power a couple of days ago during a cruise, and as such will not be able to continue with her cruise. This Princess Cruises cancellation will be a huge blow to the company, but more so for the passengers on board who were hoping to enjoy a cruise to Freemantle, Australia.

Because the Sun Princess is almost 20 years old it would be easy to blame the mechanical issues on age, but she has just undergone a $30 million refurbishment, and so these issues should have been found and rectified before hand.

Passengers due to sail on her will now get a full refund and credit for a future cruise, along with money to help pay towards travel expenses you may have incurred.

This is not the only cruise ship cancellation over the last few days, because the Celebrity Millennium had a mechanical issue on Sunday and because the issue has not been found, Celebrity Cruises has now had to cancel her cruise as well.

The Celebrity Millennium mechanical problem was with one of her propulsion units. This is not good news for passengers who were on board enjoying the cruise in Alaska.

What worries us is that this is now the third time the Celebrity Millennium has had mechanical problems, and so it is surely time that they gave the propulsion system a complete overhaul.

Again, passengers will get a full refund, money off a another cruise and money back for what they would have spent on their travel to get to the ship and back home again.

We cannot help worry that these latest cruise ship cancellations will be damaging to the cruise industry, because they seem to be happening at more regular intervals.

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