Best cruise ship suites in visual review

For those people who have never been on a cruise, or have done but many years ago, then their idea maybe something cramped and dull. You may think that the beds are small and the shower hangs over your toilet, a lot like a cruise we took from Cyprus to Israel many years ago.

Okay, so we know that some ships still have sub-par rooms, but there are some accommodation that looks like the image you see below. Some of the staterooms onboard the latest ships offer some unique facilities, such as huge open spaces that look out over the ocean.

Above you will see a best cruise ship suites visual review, although some of them could end up costing up to $4,000 per night. So lets view these amazing cruise ships suites just to see how the other half live.

Best cruise ship suites in visual review 2

In the video you get to see suites from the Queen Mary 2, and while this may be big and spectacular, we much prefer some of the suites celebrity Cruises has to offer that is because it is light and the shower hangs out over the edge of the ship.

There are more to look at in the video above, and we are now certain that you will want to save that little harder to make your next cruise that extra special.

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