Carnival Imagination cruise to feature GOO GOO DOLLS

Carnival Imagination cruise to feature GOO GOO DOLLS

If you are on the Carnival Imagination between December 6 to December 9, then you will get the chance to see a live performance of the GOO GOO DOLLS. They will be on board as they sail to the Bahamas, and they will even be taking time out to answers some of your questions.

That’s not all, they will even be enjoying themselves by joining in with the evening deck parties and so much more. If you would like to be on this cruise then you will not be able to book through Carnival with this one, the reason for this is because it is a full ship charter, and so you will need to book through Rose Tours.

We can see that there are still plenty of staterooms left, but you will need top get in fast because they will not be around for long.

As with all cruises the prices include all what you would expect, but you will need to add a further $249.00 onto the price for Taxes, Government Fees, Prepaid Gratuities and Booking charges.

It’s clear to see on Carnival’s Facebook page that this booking is a popular choice because there has been a positive reaction, but we’d love to know what group you would like to see on a cruise?

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