MSC cruise ships featured in visual list

One of the most popular cruise ship companies in Europe is MSC Cruises and at the start of this month they wanted to share with us the Mediterranean spirit that flows through them and their ships. They have a modern fleet filled with style and elegance and have that continuous theme throughout their fleet.

You will find their MSC cruise ships featured in the visual list seen in the video above, and gives you the chance to see just what you are missing.

The video begins with the simple message “Our Fleet” and lists all ten of the ships in the MSC fleet. It’s clear to see they wish to get across to the public that they are dedicated to innovation and their main purpose is to take you around the world to explore it in comfort and style – making money is surely at the top of their list?

MSC cruise ships featured in visual list 2

Following that small build-up the video then gives you a closer look to each class of ship in the MSC fleet, which includes the Fantasia Class, Muscia Class and finally the Lirica Class.

After they introduce you to each class of ship your are then taken on a small journey to see what each class of ship has to offer, and it is easy to see there is something to cater for a wide range of tastes.

If you have never been on a MSC cruise ship before then we would suggest giving them a try, and then you can see what you have been missing over the years.

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