Panoramic Istanbul in HD: Celebrity cruise excursions in Turkey

Panoramic Istanbul in HD- Celebrity cruise excursions in Turkey

Having already decided on what cruise you will be going on the next step is an excursion. This is where the real fun begins because there is so much to choose from, but if you are on a Mediterranean cruise then things are a little easier, because there are always some key places you wish to visit.

Let’s say you are going on a Celebrity cruise then they are adding news excursions all the time, so let’s say you wish to go on a Celebrity cruise excursions in Turkey, then the Panoramic Istanbul in HD is a must.

If you are into history then this is the excursion for you because it gives you a chance to explore the wonderful history of Istanbul. Your guide along with the help of a Galaxy Note tablet (which is supplied for you) gives you the chance to see the evolution of Istanbul over 15 centuries. It’s the perfect way to bring technology and monuments together to give you a truly immersive experience.

You can get to enjoy a tour of the old town and then head to the coastal roads. If you are feeling like a bit of fun then a trip to the historic Grand Bazaar with thousands of shops and kiosks for you to wonder through is a must. Just be careful because you can easily get lost in this maze and also come out with more than you had planned on purchasing.

Going back to the Galaxy Note tablet, this will give you a virtual representation of the construction and decoration and how it has changed over the years, all by just holding the tablet up at the buildings.

This excursion is ideal for those who cannot walk long distances, although you will need to be able to walk on cobblestone surfaces, inclines and steps, but only for a short distance.

More details of Panoramic Istanbul in High Definition can be found by visiting the Celebrity Cruises website. See more Celebrity excursions.

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