P&O Cruise to Norway: The Fjords on Azura

P&O Cruise to Norway- The Fjords on Azura

If you have made your mind up that you wish to cruise to the Norwegian Fjords but are undecided as to which company to travel with, maybe a video from some recent travellers will help persuade you. Stuart and his partner who had been on a recent P&O Cruise to Norway on board the Azura created the video, and it is clear to see they both had a fantastic time.

P&O must have enjoyed the video as well because they have shared it on their Facebook page. You will get to experience their one-week cruise to the Fjord in just over 16 minutes, and one has to wonder if P&O will offer them a free cruise or upgrade, because this is some great promotional work for the cruise line?

The moment you begin to watch the video it brings back some great memories of past cruises on the ship, but the best thing is the choice of music at the start, watch and you’ll know what we mean.

We think the video is amazing and has some great editing, and we would love it if some of our readers did more of this and shared it with other readers.

There has been some great reaction to the video on the P&O Facebook page, with some of them saying such a cruise never appealed to them before, but after watching this they just want to book it.

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