Independence and Freedom of the Seas new visuals

Independence and Freedom of the Seas new visuals

Within the last month Royal Caribbean uploaded two new videos onto their YouTube channel for cruise fans to Experience a taste of Independence and Freedom of the Seas. Both are the same class of ship, although they do offer slight differences, which could sway your decision as to which if the two you cruise on.

Having said that, another major factor in your decision would be the destinations they travel too, as the Independence and Freedom of the Seas have different itineraries.

In the videos you get to meet Independence and Freedom of the Seas, which we know well and love. The ships came with several industry firsts to cruise ships, such as Hang Ten, which allowed you to brush up on those surfing skills, there is also rock climbing and the H2O zone will bring a small to kids faces.

Speaking of kids, there is the Adventure Ocean and Youth Program, which gets the children out of your hair, so both you and them can enjoy your cruise.

Independence of the Seas dining is diverse and comes with a rage of eateries offering world-class cuisine; boy did that steak look nice in the first video.

Independence and Freedom of the Seas new visuals 2

Freedom of the Seas has pretty much the same things, and that is not a bad thing because both ships were ahead of the game and have since seen some of the other big cruise lines copy them.

We do like how Royal Caribbean is trying to promote these two ships of theirs, but doing the same video but under a different name is just lazy. Okay, so we know they are sister ships, but it would have been nice to see a different video for each and looking at some of those key differences.

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