Carnival Mediterranean cruises with a focus on Monaco

Having been on several cruises it is always hard to select a favorite destination, but in our top ten would have to be Monaco, which is in the Mediterranean. We’ve already said how much fun you can have while on a Caribbean holiday, but it doesn’t have that same magic as a Mediterranean cruise.

It’s for this reason why we would like to mention Carnival Mediterranean cruises that focuses on Monaco, and the cruise line has made a great video as part of their latest promotion.

Watching the videos brings back some great memories especially when seeing the Grand Cathedral of Monaco, still remember the kids being told not to make any noise, although this is not really a place for children.

Carnival Mediterranean cruises with a focus on Monaco  2

The Gardens is also a wonderful place to visit while in Monaco because it is so vibrant and overlooks the sea. However, the most important place to visit for any auto sport fan has to be key parts of the F1 racetrack, which as you know takes place on the streets of Monaco.

However, one place that not many people visit is a medieval village at the top of a hill and gives you a completely different side of the hustle and bustle that is Monaco today.

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