Carnival Cruise sunset, food and rope course‬ visuals

Carnival Cruise sunset, food and rope course visuals

If you have had your doubts about going on a cruise or have lost confidence in Carnival Cruise Lines, then we are sure these 3 images will help persuade you to book on one. We say this because they not only give you a taste of the wonderful locations they visit, but also the food and fun passengers experience while on board one of Carnival’s ships.

The first image that you can see above is of the Hawaii‬ ‪‎sunset‬ shared on Facebook just 8 hours ago, and most of you will agree this would be somewhere nice to see and visit. The reaction has been rather positive on Facebook, although there are a few negative comments suggesting Carnival ships breakdown too often.

Please do not let that put you off because a number of changes have been made to prevent such a thing from happening again. Carnival has spent more than $300 million on their fleet, which should go a long way to ease doubters minds.

Carnival Cruise sunset, food and rope course visuals 2

In the next image we get a taste of the Carnival Cruise Lines food and our mouths are watering already looking at that meat, which looks to be cooked to perfection. Okay, so we are sure you will have to pay a cover charge for that, but you need to include such things in your budget.

Carnival Cruise sunset, food and rope course visuals 3

Looking to have some fun while cruising the high seas, then check out the Carnival Cruise Lines Rope Course, which also helps to test your balance and if you don’t mind letting your partner or children win.

More images are being added to Carnival’s Facebook page all the time, so make sure you share yours as well.

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