Captain America on Disney Magic cruises

Captain America on Disney Magic cruises

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy everything Disney, because we are all young and heart, and often dream about being one of the characters from a Disney movie. However, some of us would rather choose being a Marvel superhero instead, which as we know is still part of the Disney franchise.

The company knows how popular Marvel is right now, and one of the favorites is Captain America. He may not have the best powers, as that would have to be Thor, but it is what he stands for that makes him so popular.

It is for this reason why Captain America will be on future Disney Magic cruises following her refit. She begins her refit next month, and should enter service again in October. She will certainly look a lot different inside because she was starting to show her age a little.

One of the new Disney Magic features following the refit is the Marvel Avengers Academy, where you can transform yourself into your favorite hero, and Disney is hoping Captain America will be a fan favorite.

There are more details on the Marvel Avengers Academy in a video seen on Disney’s Facebook page, which we know recently passed the 1 million likes milestone.

As for those other new features on the Disney magic, there will be the new Aqua Lab, improved staterooms, Animator’s Palate rejuvenation and so much more. We hope the refurbishment gives passengers many more years of enjoyment, which no doubt it will.

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