Titanic 2 jobs to land on Blue Star

Titanic 2 jobs to land on Blue Star

We cannot deny how popular public interest has been once they heard the news there is to be a Titanic 2, and there will be no fear of this project meeting any financial difficulty as the Australian businessman behind it has said he needs no outside investment, which means he is confidant he can do it alone.

As you would imagine the hype has been unreal and so people are wiling to pay a stupid amount of money just to be on the Titanic 2 ship for her inaugural cruise.

The first piece of steel is yet to be cut but people have already been looking at possible Titanic 2 employment opportunities, but still remain elusive. However, we don’t expect the company behind the project to keep us waiting for long before they begin to create these new jobs.

Titanic 2 jobs will land on Blue Star Line’s website, but they are still clear on their site that there are none available at this time, which means when you have seen certain headlines such as “Titanic 2 ship Captain position wanted” is a ruse.

What Titanic 2 job would you like to fulfill on board the ship?
We do know that Clive Palmer has said his company they will make certain all workers on the ship will pay better than most other cruise lines currently offer, which is yet another incentive to become part of the team.

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