Celebrity Cruises universal translator for Android and iOS

Celebrity Cruises universal translator for Android and iOS

When you go on a normal summer holiday we tend to get by while talking to the locals in other countries, because chances are many of them speak English, as you often go to popular tourist resorts. However, this is not the case when on a cruise because you land at port and then head away from the tourist areas.

This is when it can often become difficult to translate, unless you are with a tour guide. However, Celebrity Cruises has a new app for Android and iOS that will help you get around this problem.

The Celebrity Cruises universal translator or Cruise Lingo app as it is known can be found on the Google Play Store or iTunes and is free to download. It’s not like Rosetta Stone where it will teach you the local language, but the app will make it easier for you to get bye just by typing or speaking phrases and then the translation of the selected language is displayed on the screen.

Some of you will notice that Cruise Lingo is very similar to TripLingo, but this latest app has a few more features, some of which include more than 1,000 phrases in 11 languages, and there is even slang as well. Other features are a 10,000 word offline dictionary, over 2,000 audio files and built-in-flash cards to make understanding the language easier.

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