Diverse Royal Princess reviews 2 months on

Diverse Royal Princess reviews 2 months on

It’s been 2 months since Princess Cruises Royal Princess came into the port of Southampton, and shortly after she had her naming ceremony. There was a lot of excitement for this ship, one because she was being named by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, and secondly she was to become the largest in her fleet.

The Royal Princess boasts state-of-the-art technology, along with some unique features, such as the SeaWalk. Now that the public has had time to evaluate the ship it is clear there are some diverse Royal Princess reviews out there, but this is to be expected.

Princess Cruises always takes a chance with their new ships, and so we knew the Royal Princess was going to come with some innovations, but would the passengers go for it? One would be the SeaWalk that we mentioned above, but we also like the idea of a 24-hour pastry restaurant.

Speaking of food, there are 16 eateries on the ship with Alfredo’s being a major draw. Previous reviews have shown that Royal Princess is a diverse ship and tries to cater for all tastes, and this makes us believe Princess Cruises is playing it safe, but it is certainly good to try and have something for everyone.

We have heard some varying reviews in regards to this ship, and one of the biggest issues would have to be those staterooms, as they have shrunken in size when compared to the Grand Princess.

There have also been reports that Princess Cruises has tried to cram as many people in as they can with without having enough amenities to cater for them all, and having old washer/dryers seems to be a big no for passengers.

We have come to expect these ships, just like those from P&O to be profit maximizing, but it is a business after all.

Having said that, she is still a beautiful ship with some nice open spaces. Public spaces seem larger, even if those cabins do not, the food is wonderful and the ship as a whole feels like a luxury hotel.

All-in-all she is a great ship with a few teething issues, and while she is far from perfect, what ship is?

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