Titanic 2 debate persists over ship being built


There has been a steady flow of information over the past few months in regard to the Titanic 2 cruise ship, which included a number of things happening behind the scenes like safety and design focus of the Titanic 2 ship.

The most recent headline looked at the Titanic 2 ship tickets and how some people would pay a shocking sum to make sure they are on board when Titanic 2 makes its maiden voyage.

Thousands have made inquiries about tickets and one person is willing to pay around one million dollars for a Titanic 2 ship ticket, so we are sure some people either have more money than sense or could end up helping others make money on selling the tickets to 3rd parties. There is surly going to be things in place to stop that event from happening, although we will need to wait and see full details when tickets go on sale.

Titanic 2 debate persists over ship being built – one thing we have noticed with each piece of information being revealed is the way cruise goers are split on the very idea of a Titanic 2 ship being built.

While some people can’t wait to be on board and see this as a wonderful opportunity, others have sick minds and even leave comments like “I hope Titanic 2 sinks”. These people cannot be right in the head, especially when you consider the amount of life’s on board that will include children as well.

We understand the concerns when you consider the amount of people that lost their life when Titanic sunk all them years ago, but no one should desire any sinking of a cruise ship. At the very least, these kinds of statements highlight the anger some people have over Titanic 2 being built.

Are you happy the Titanic 2 ship is being built?

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  • Jemingway

    Why not build it. If you don’t like it, just ignore it and don’t go.