Recent Cruise lines jobs in Florida with Carnival

Recent Cruise lines jobs in Florida with Carnival

We have often discussed how some people feel that getting a job on a cruise ship is a perfect way to not only leave the stresses of home life behind, but also get to see some beautiful places in the world on your off days. However, it is not easy to get a job in the industry and even if you do feel confidant, you need to choose what cruise line you would rather go for.

We thought we would look at Cruise lines jobs in Florida with the ever-improving Carnival. They have had a hard time over the past couple of years, but rest assured most of those problems are behind them thanks to some key changes within the company, and throughout their fleet.

There are three recent cruise line jobs for Carnival in the Florida area, although they might not be the ones you are looking for if you had been hoping for a life at sea. However, these job openings are ideal if you have previous experience within the industry.

The first job is for a Manager Retail Operations in Miami, the job will see you manage the retail operations within the area. The Reference Code for this job is 2266.

Carnival has a job opening for a Transportation\Meet & Greet Assistant Supervisor in Fort Lauderdale, although this is for a part time position. The Reference Code for this is 2281.

Finally, there is a Carnival Cruise Lines job opening for a Senior Financial Analyst Area of Interest, and we are told that you will become a key member to the success of Carnival. The Reference Code is 2279.

More details on these three jobs can be found here.

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