Titanic 2 ship tickets at a ridiculous price

Titanic 2 ship tickets at a ridiculous price

The maiden voyage of the Titanic 2 ship is grabbing a great deal of interest, and for good reason because after she is expected to sail to Dubai, she will become a floating hotel and museum, which to us seems such a waste. It is for this very reason why Titanic 2 ship tickets could be sold at a ridiculous price.

As you would imagine, there will be some people willing to pay a huge some of money because they know it is a once in a lifetime deal, but would you be prepared to pay a Titanic 2 ship ticket price of more than $1 million?

We ask this because we have learned that some people have offered that amount of money just so they can be on the first sailing of what would be an iconic event. That’s not all, more than 40,000 people have inquired for a Titanic 2 ship ticket, and that is even before the ship builders have begun laying the keel

Owners, Blue Star Line understands that they need to get a good return on their investment, and so the natural course of action is to head to the UAE, as that is where the money is.

The company said that they were already in talks in the Emirates, and already have a few opportunities to take; they just need to make the correct one. That is not all, a few companies from Dubai would also like to buy into the project and become partners, although Blue Star Line said that they are not looking for investors, and are happy to finance the project themselves.

How much would you be prepared to pay for a Titanic 2 ship ticket?

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  • Jake Marc Russell

    u taking the piss u now nothing about what is going on
    floating hotel and museum this will be a passenger liner it will sail the seas

  • Jake Marc Russell

    “We have had a number of companies – large companies actually from the Emirates – we are in active discussions with that are looking at opportunities to utilise the Titanic II name and encourage the ship to come to the UAE to show it off to people there the facts

  • Doc Smith

    I hope it sinks.

    • Jake Marc Russell

      well u are nice

    • Ben

      Well, I’d Hope you’d think again. Wishing a ship to sink brimming full of people and children is downright crazy.

    • Renee

      That’s pretty sick!

      • Doc Smith

        what’s sick is the person that is recreating a ship that sank taking a lot of lifes with them, remaking it and making a profit out of a disaster, I don’t want to see this floating abomination whilst people prance about and worship it. I think that is sick.

    • Anonymous

      Go see a psychologist.

      • Doc Smith

        why dont you…

  • Sian Connell

    This is far too much for a cruise!!!!! I was really considering going on this as well but would not even considerate after seeing these prices!!! i think they seriously need to rethink the pricing if they want people to go on that cruise. would anyone actually pay this to go on the Titanic 2?

  • RikTrik

    Looks like I’ll have to save up for years just to end up in 3rd class steerage. Don’t think I’ll bother.