Celebrity Cruises vs. Royal Caribbean for dress code

Celebrity Cruises vs. Royal Caribbean for dress code

Once you have made your choice of what cruise you will be going on, it is then that the real fun begins. Firstly, you look at what shore excursions you would like to go on, then maybe pre-book a specialty restaurant and then you will be wondering what clothes you should take.

However, there will be one factor that will dictate what you can and cannot take, and that is the dress code. Each cruise ship company is different, as some are more relaxed than others, and this can often sway your choice on who you will book with, because we know certain items of clothing can increase your baggage weight.

This is not an issue for those of you who start your holiday direct from a port with no flying involved, but if you have to take a plane to get on the ship, well, it is just one bag of luggage per person.

Celebrity Cruises vs. Royal Caribbean for dress code – While these two are the same company, they operate separately, and so many aspects of the cruise will be different, and this goes for the dress code as well.

The Celebrity Cruises dress code is split into three categories, these are Daytime and Evening along with, Formal Nights/Cruise Elegant Nights. During the day you can where casual clothing, shorts, swimwear, t-shirts etc, although you will need to cover up in the eating establishments.

On the formal evening men can wear a tuxedo, smart suit or even trousers and a blazer. Women can wear a cocktail dress, elegant skirt with a blouse or dressy pantsuits.

However, in some parts of the ship, you do not have to adhere to the dress code, but as long as you still look smart.

The Royal Caribbean dress code is rather similar, as it also consist of three categories, casual, smart casual and formal.

Casual means that men can wear polo shirts or a normal shirt with trousers, while women can wear trousers with a blouse or sundresses. Smart Casual requires men to wear jackets and a tie and women trouser suits or dresses. Formal sees men having to wear suits or a tuxedos and women have to wear cocktail dresses.

You’ll notice a few slight differences, but we do know that Celebrity is not as strict as P&O, as we have been able to get away with wearing a suit but without the jacket, although we still had a waist jacket on.

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