Last minute cruises from Southampton for August

Last minute cruises from Southampton for August

Having paid more than you should have for a cruise way in advance, it is nice to grab a bargain when you can. The best way to do this is by booking a last minute cruise, although this may not be ideal for those of you with a family. However, if you are single or a couple, then booking a cruise several weeks or even days before the ship is set to sail is ideal if you aim to save several hundred, or in our case we saved around £2,000.

If you live in the UK and are on the look out for some last minute cruises from Southampton for August, then there are more than you would imagine. To give you an example of the savings that can be made by booking at the last minute – if you can of course – a cruise that my cousin was going on to the Mediterranean from Southampton had cost £4,000, he then wanted me to go and so four days before the holiday booked me the same holiday, but could not allocate my own room, the price he paid – yes his treat – was £2,000 for my wife and I. Okay, we were at a horrible part of the ship, but I paid £200 while onboard to upgrade to a larger room, which was in a better position.

With there being so many cruise ship companies offering some great bargains for the month of August from Southampton, we knew it was going to be a tough task going through each of them, but we have done our searches on some of the best cruise companies leaving from the port of Southampton in the month of August.

Last minute Celebrity Cruises from Southampton for August consist of 3 sailings in all; these are for the Norwegian Fjords Cruise, Scandinavia & Russia Cruise and Iceland & Fjords Cruise, although there are not many staterooms left.

There are 2 last minute Cunard cruises from Southampton in August, which is for the St Petersburg and Baltic Explorer and Short Break to Hamburg.

As you would expect there is a greater choice of last minute P&O cruises from Southampton for next month, 16 in fact.

We have found 5 last minute Princes cruises for August departing from Southampton, but you need to hurry, as these are selling out at a fast rate now.

There are just 4 last minute Royal Caribbean cruises in August departing from Southampton.

Finally, if you’d like to set sail on 1 or 3 last minute Fred Olson cruise from Southampton in August, then you better get a move on.

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