Titanic 2 ship key design features review team appointed

Titanic 2 ship key design features review team appointed

While the Titanic 2 ship keel has yet to be laid, it is not slowing things down behind the scenes, as Blue Star Line has landed more backing from a huge company in the cruise and shipping business. That company is Lloyd’s Register, and will take charge of the Titanic 2 ship key design and safety features.

Lloyd’s Register has been in the business for more than 250 years, and so having them onboard is a big deal, as it is yet another sign of Blue Star Line’s continued effort to make the Titanic 2 cruise ship as safe as it can be.

The three key areas where Lloyd’s Register will focus on are structure, stability and safety, and so will study the completed design drawings of Titanic 2. It is this dedication that will make certain the new vessel will meet with current safety regulations, and in doing so will make for a smoother project.

Titanic 2 is due to be delivered to Southampton in 2016, after being built in China. We are certain her maiden voyage will be another historic moment, one that you will not want to miss, as she sets sail out of the port of Southampton and on her way to New York, just as the original Titanic ship did all those years ago.

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