MSC Cruises winter itineraries not to include Egypt

MSC Cruises winter itineraries not to include Egypt

Having been to Egypt on a couple of occasions, we have to say that it is a beautiful part of the world to visit, although one of the most volatile as well. It’s a shame because some people planned to go here several years ago, but then were told not to travel to certain parts. Thankfully, that issue had ended, but now travellers are having issues getting into the country yet again.

While we do not wish to get into the political side of things, we have to report that MSC Cruises has had to cancel their itineraries that included the Red Sea in Egypt.

It’s not known how long this will be off MSC Cruises winter itineraries, but from what we have seen on news reports over the unrest, it’s not going to be a short-term issue.

The MSC Armonia had been due to sail in the region over the winter, but has since been relocated to sail in the Canary Islands. Okay, this is still a nice part of the world to visit, but it doesn’t have the kind of history Egypt has.

MSC Cruises understands their customers will be upset by this decision, but the safety of their passengers has to come first, and will only sail to the safest destinations, and we are afraid Egypt is currently not one of them.

Several other cruise lines have already stopped sailing to Egypt, although we have yet to hear from some of the bigger players.

Source: MSC Cruises.

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