New Celebrity Cruises excursion for 2013 in Alaska

New Celebrity Cruises excursion for 2013 in Alaska

So you have spent days, maybe weeks choosing the right cruise for you, and now the next step is to choose from a good selection of shore excursions. Thankfully, you have time, as you cannot book these excursions until you are a lot closer to when the ship sales, so at least it gives you plenty of time to study what will best suite you.

There are new Celebrity Cruises excursions for 2013, but the one we’re most interested in today is the one for those of you heading to Alaska, as the Alaskan Wilderness Survival sounds like something the whole family can enjoy, although you have to be aged 5-80 years old.

The excursion will see you board a catamaran so you can get closer to the Alaskan wilderness. Your guide will take you into the rainforest and teach you certain things about the wilderness, in the hope that you can learn to appreciate its beauty.

Because this new Celebrity Cruise excursion is for all ages it offers a hands-on experience, and is said to be ideal as a team-building exercise, wonder how many families need that? Having said that, it’s great to get the kids involved and teaches them survival skills in the wilderness, as we know all too well how children are not playing in the dirt like you and I did as children. Instead they are often stuck in their rooms playing games or surfing the web, not very healthy at all.

If there was ever an excursion to help bring your family together and help teach your kids there is more to life than their bedroom, then the Alaskan Wilderness Survival is it. The price for this new Celebrity Cruises excursion is £126.75 for adults and children and takes 3 hours. Okay, so we know it’s a little expensive, but it sounds as though it will be worth every penny. See HERE for details.

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