The Carnival Vista dining, entertainment and kids clubs

The Carnival Vista dining, entertainment and kids clubs

In recent years Carnival Cruise Lines has slowed down orders of new cruise ships, and so it’s finally nice to see they have ordered their first ship, which will not be delivered to the company for three years. The new vessel will be called The Carnival Vista and will bring their fleet up to 24, making them the largest cruise line in the world.

Carnival Vista key features – The vessel will hold 4,00 passengers and will bring passengers much closer to the ocean, as the spaces onboard are said to offer beautiful vistas, hence the name. While they did not elaborate on this, we assume that several staterooms will offer this option, along with key areas on the ship as well.

We say this because Carnival has said that the name of their new ships will reflect part of what the ship is about, so we wonder when The Carnival Worry Free Cruising ship will enter service? Okay, that was a low blow, as the company has learned from their mistakes in the past, and has taken several steps to address their recent issue, such as improved safety measures across their fleet, along with an independent board to help oversee safety across the company as a whole.

Back to the new Carnival Cruise Lines ship; the company has also said they will be focusing on three key areas of the Vista, and those are dining, entertainment and kids’ clubs, which as we know are three of the more important things when choosing a ship to cruise on.

The Carnival Vista is said to come with several similarities to the Breeze, but will also be very different as well. There was some confusion as to whether this was the same class of ship as the Breeze, but because the Vista will look different, we’re sure it will be a new class of ship.

That’s all the details we have for now, but we hope to learn some of the Carnival Breeze key features soon.

Source: Carnival Cruise Line.

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