NCL Breakaway Plus sees double at €1.4 billion

NCL Breakaway Plus sees double at €1.4 billion

The cruise industry has now gotten over its little bump and is well on track for continued growth. Some of the big cruise companies have been ordering new ships like there is no tomorrow, such as the Royal Caribbean and the Norwegian Cruise Line. The former has three big ships on order, whereas the latter has even bigger ones planned.

NCL Breakaway Plus – Norwegian Cruise Line has already taken delivery of their first Breakaway class ship, and another is already being constructed. However, that was not good enough, and so ordered a larger version of this ship.

Now a second NCL Breakaway Plus ship has been confirmed and will be delivered to the company in spring 2017. The cost of these two giant ships will be €1.4 billion, and will be the two largest vessels in their fleet, weighing approximately 163,000 gross tonnes and will have the capacity for 4,200 passengers.

NCL Breakaway Plus design will be very similar to that of the standard Norwegian Breakaway class ship, but you have to wonder if things are getting too big? We’ve heard that while many of our readers love what these larger ships have to offer in terms of entertainment and facilities, they lack that personal touch that you get from some of the smaller ships.

Having been on smaller cruise ships, we have to say that while they were nice at first, it doesn’t take long before boredom sets in, as you can run out of things to do very quickly, so best take that Kindle with you.

To give you a general idea of what to expect from these new ships, then you might want to read these Norwegian Breakaway reviews.

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