New P&O cruise ship inside and out

New P&O cruise ship inside and out

We knew that P&O had plans to build a new, larger ship, but as yet we do not have details about when she will be ready to set sail, and more importantly, what her name will be. However, we do know that the ‘keel-laying’ ceremony has now taken place, and so we hope that P&O will begin to share more details with us in the coming months.

This is to be the largest ship to service those of you in the UK, and so will bring a unique experience to the UK market. The new P&O ship will be a 141,000 ton beast, and so should offer something for everyone. We’ve wondered for years why P&O has only made do with ships that were being dwarfed by rivals, so at least this is now a question that does not need to be answered.

The new ship will hold a total of 3,611 passengers and will have a crew of 1,350. However, it’s the use of new green technology that excites us the most about this new ship, as there’s always a concern about how bad for the environment such a large ship is.

According to a recent article, they say that this new P&O cruise ship will have a modern design, but will stick with those famous British traditions, and proof of this is with the appointment of Richmond, who will be in charge of the interior design.

It’s clear that P&O has yet to finalise some of the interior of their upcoming large cruise ship, but we do hope to see several videos begin to appear online over the coming months.

The cost of this new ship will be £489 million, and while this may sound like a lot, this is an important investment for P&O.

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