Titanic 2 ship events and building update

Titanic 2 ship events and building update

There’s still a lot we do not know about the Titanic 2 ship, as she is a long way off completion. However, Twitter has been a good source of information, as it allows you to keep fully up-to-date with what is going on, and we have found several bits of information.

There are several Titanic 2 ship events going on, with one of the more interesting ones being the Titanic II dinners, which will take place at the Palmer Coolum resort in August 2013. Tickets for this event are still available and can be purchased by visiting the Palmer Coolum Resort website. If you are looking for some Titanic culinary delights, then this will be the place to be on August 9-10.

We also have news on the Titanic 2 ship building update, as we’re told that things are progressing very nicely and that construction is to begin later this year. It’s then that we hope to see more regular Titanic 2 updates, as well as images of the first beams being laid, along with regular video updates, just as we saw with the building of the Royal Princess.

However, in the meantime we would love to see the final plans for the new ship, because even though she will be very similar to her predecessor, there will be significant changes to many parts of the ship, and it’s these changes that we are most interested in.

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