Norwegian Cruise Line jobs for Bermudians brings opportunities

Norwegian Cruise Line jobs for Bermudians brings opportunities

There have certainly been some improvements made to the cruise industry this year, not only in safety and for passengers who have had to have their cruises cancelled, but also for those who do a sterling job for providing us entertainment on these larger ships as well. However, it does not stop there, because if you live in Bermuda, then a new incentive by the ministry and the Norwegian Cruise Line aims to bring job opportunities for Bermudians.

The incentive was first mentioned back in March, where a new liaison relationship between Norwegian Cruise Line and the local employment office will help to create a number of new employment opportunities for those who have the ability to work on these cruise ships.

If you are a Bermudian and you would like the opportunity to work in the cruise industry, more so as a hospitality professional, then this has now been made far more easier for you thanks to the creation of the Department of Workforce Development Cruise Ship Employment Programme – yes we know It’s a mouthful.

NCL is on the hunt for individuals who believe they have what it takes to bring some innovative to their cruise line, along with giving them the chance to see some truly amazing places in the world.

Some of the Norwegian Cruise Line jobs available are as follows: Assistant Waiters/ess, Bar Servers, Assistant Pastry Cooks, Assistant Bakers, Assistant Cooks, Jr. Engine Seafarers, Jr. Deck Seafarers, Restaurant Steward/ess; and Bartenders.

If you are interested in any of these positions, then you will need to head over to the Government of Bermuda website.

Thanks to Bermuda Sun.

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