New Carnival Cruise Lines bookings brings bonus offer

Carnival Splendor bookings

Carnival Cruise Lines understands that travel agents trying to sell their cruises has had a hard time of late, as we all know the many issues that Carnival as a company has had to endure, so the cruise line is trying to give them an incentive to make more bookings.

How they plan to do this is by offering a new bonus offer for future Carnival Cruise Lines bookings, one that will earn travel agents a $25 bonus for each Carnival Splendor cruise sold. This shows that Carnival Cruise Lines is committed to offer travel agents more opportunities to earn extra income, along with trying to raise awareness of the Splendor cruise ship.

This bonus opportunity will not last for long, as it only runs from July 12, to August 31, 2013. It’s said that this latest bonus offer is to help strengthen the cruise lines ties with travel agents, but this offer is only available to agents in the US, and will only apply to new bookings made, and not existing ones.

It does seem like a missed opportunity not to have a similar Carnival Cruise Lines offer for UK travel agents, along with other parts of Europe, as the company certainly needs to change people’s opinions on the cruise company as a whole. Having said that, they have already implemented a host of improvements to try and ease people’s fears, and the early signs look good, especially when some of their cruises are already selling out long before they are due to sale.

Thanks to Travel Agent Central.

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