More Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas cruise cancellations

More Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas cruise cancelations

Back in May Royal Caribbean had to cancel several Grandeur of the Seas cruises because of a fire that took place on the ship. At that time it was not known just how long it would take to make repairs, but the first cruise has now taken place since the accident, although this has not gone to plan for some.

We say this because it was obvious that there would still be some teething issues, and so the first Grandeur of the Seas cruise since the fire has led to yet more cancellations for some, as there is still some work being done during the cruise. The first cruise took place yesterday, July 12, and for some they found that their cruise had to be cancelled until a later date.

Thankfully, they were offered a full refund, along with a further 25 percent off their next booking. In all, 78 staterooms had to be removed from the sailing, but that is not a bad thing, as there are still some areas on the ship that are off limits, such as the Diamond Club Lounge and South Pacific Lounge. However, we expect all parts of the ship to be fully operational for the July 19 sailing, so it’s a good thing that some people had their cruise cancelled, as they will soon be able to enjoy the full facilities onboard Grandeur of the Seas.

We’ve seen fires take place on cruise ships before, and we had to admire how RCI responded to the issue, although we have to remember that this particular fire was very different to the likes of the recent Carnival Cruise Lines one, as they had lost total power. Having said that, RCI customer relations handled the situation far better than their rivals.

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