MSC Cruises wants your reviews and ratings

MSC Cruises wants your reviews and ratings

How many times have you been on a cruise and then felt the need to share your experiences with people, so as a result you go onto a blog to express your views? The likes of MSC Cruises understands that they are not perfect and need to do better, which is why they are now asking for your help once again.

MSC feels that by gaining your feedback they will be able to improve the service that they give you, and so is asking for you to share your opinion about your MSC cruise experience. They ask for you to share your thoughts on why you enjoy the unique cruising style that you get from MSC.

The way to do this is by clicking HERE, and then by filling in the form. However, we do have one minor issue with this feedback, as you cannot offer your negative opinion, as it’s designed to ask why you enjoy the service, although it’s a little obvious that they do not want you to start telling their readers what a bad job they are doing.

In order to do that you will need to still go on those independent blogs, such as ours and air your views on what you think of MSC and their cruises, which they try to sell it to you that they are unique.

There’s nothing worse than a company saying how cool they are, and how they are the best in the business. Okay, so we know this is how it is done, but come on, it’s rather patronizing.

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