Carnival Triumph’s defective moorings mentioned in lawsuit

Carnival Triumph's defective moorings mentioned in lawsuit

Last week the Carnival Triumph made a welcome return, with there being a great party atmosphere to help celebrate her first cruise following her recent struggles. However, it seems that there are a few things going on behind the scenes, which is just another piece of the puzzle in this ongoing saga.

The Carnival Triumph had to go to the Alabama shipyard due to her fire, which cut power to the ship while at see. All was going well with the repairs and the ship was on schedule to be delivered back to Carnival, but then she broke free of her moorings at the Alabama shipyard, which caused more damage and delayed her return to service.

This is one of the reasons why Carnival Cruise Line is suing the shipyard, owned by Mobile’s BAE Systems, saying that the damage had cost them more that $12 million. The damage was caused after the Triumph broke free from her moorings and then drifted along the Mobile River, where she then hit another ship.

In the lawsuit Carnival states that the moorings were defective, but BAE Systems says that the claims are without merit and so will be defending themselves.

While we do not want to get into any of the legal matters, it does seem as though there are two sides to this story, something that AL readers have no issue with discussing.

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