Disney Magic spa enhancements tour

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, one of the best places on any cruise ship is the spa, this is because it allows you to get away from it all. Okay, so we know that a cruise is meant to be stress free, but what about when you have had a long day on an excursion, or a warm day at sea and was stressed trying to find a sun lounger, or even had to listen to all those kids having fun, now that’s when the spa becomes the place to be.

The sound of children having fun is something you will have to put up with on the Disney Magic, especially once she goes in for her refit, as we expect all staterooms to be sold out. Well, at least you will be able to take a visit to the Disney Magic: Senses Spa & Salon.

Disney Magic spa enhancements tour 2

You’ll see in the video above how you will get pampered in this refurbished spa, and Disney believe that guests will love the new look and feel. If you felt that the old spa was a little small, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the spa is expanding by 725 square feet, which allows them to bring new services onboard.

Some of these new services include a barbershop, where men can go to get groomed, such as a wet towel shave and cleansing treatments – yes men like them to. However, we do like the teeth whitening treatment, and finally there is also a spa for teens, where they will have face treatment, manicures and pedicures.

Have you booked to go on the Disney Magic once she has gone through her refit?

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