Norwegian Breakaway reviews one-month on

Norwegian Breakaway reviews one-month on

Passengers have been enjoying Norwegian Breakaway for a month now, and while the first week of reviews were rather positive, we thought we would take a look now that the staff, and the features on the ship have had time to settle in.

There are so many different reviews, giving you varying perspectives as to what they thought about the ship, but it’s not very often you get the thoughts from an 11-year-old. This is a good angle to go with, as the Norwegian Breakaway has not only been designed for adults, but children as well, so getting their perspective is a must.

With kids on cruises it’s all about the activities, and the Breakaway has an abundance of them. The 11-year-old boy makes a valid point when he says that while many activities or rides on a ship can look awesome, they can often be rather boring. So check out his review on four of the main kids activities here, just to get a new perspective.

Here’s another interesting review, which follows two people while they enjoy their cruise onboard the Norwegian Breakaway. It’s great to get a closer look into the personal side of a cruise, as you don’t see this on some of the larger travel sites.

Finally, we have a Norwegian Breakaway review from a Cruise Critic reader, which is yet another personal perspective. Their experience kind of mirrors what other people have been saying, because overall it seems as though Norwegian has come up with a new cruise ship that caters for many tastes. However, there’s no denying that such larger ships lack the character of the smaller ones, bet we prefer these larger ships, as there is less chance of getting bored.

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