New MSC Cruises job posting to help growth in North America

New MSC Cruises job posting to help growth in North America

Ken Muskat has taken up a recent MSC Cruises job posting as the company’s newest senior VP of Sales and Marketing, as a plan to allow for growth in North America. The reason for this is because it’s his job to help improve marketing and PR for North America.

MSC Divina will be at the heart of this new vision for the North American market, but let’s not underestimate the importance of Muskat, as he has had a long career in the travel industry, and as such has built up a huge portfolio of contacts in the community, and will bring so much to MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises is already a major player in the cruise industry, but they still have a long way to go comapred to the likes of P&O and The Royal Caribbean. However, if they keep offering their customers an exceptional vacation experience, they are well on their way to becoming even better in the future.

Muskat has already said that he will work closely with their Travel Agent partners in order to sell to a much bigger market. Let’s just hope that they do not lose sight of who they are, as MSC currently give their customers fantastic Mediterranean style cruising.

If you think you have what it takes to become a valued member of MSC Cruises, then you should apply for one of the many MSC Cruises jobs that are currently available, more details of which you will find here.

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  • Joe M

    He better make the MSC Divina which starts sailing in Novemember a very good first impression with the American consumers, since they represent the largest market. Start adjusting to the American tastes and desires with the Divina or else MSC will fail,,,,just look at all the bad reviews that American’s give MSC on the blogs. You can still be a Mediteranean Cruise company, but if you do not adjust and give the American customer what it wants it will sadly fail. ADJUST !!

    • Michelle

      I agree with Joe M (comment above).

  • Michelle

    Dear Ken Muskat….MSC must adjust to the American style of cruising when sailing out of the USA and North America. MSc can not just keep saying that they give a “European experience” when Royal Carribean and the other cruise lines are catering to what the customer wants. Just read all the comments on the cruise blogs (like Cruise Critic) where all the Americans complain about MSC,,,,you must adjust the service to what Americans want or the demand will be minimal. Must give customers (American) the experience THEY want, not what MSC WANTS to give them.

  • Michelle

    To TRAVEL AGENTS, see below comments, and do not give your customers a bad exerience on their vacation. They will not use your services again, and they will also think you are not a good agent. ONLY IF, and after, the MSC Divina adjusts to the American style should you start recommending the DIVINA.