Joining the Royal Princess cruise ship arrival in Southampton

Joining the Royal Princess cruise ship arrival in Southampton

There’s just a couple of days to go before the Royal Princess arrives in the port of Southampton, and there’s a chance for you to be on a smaller boat to welcome her to her new home. Being part of the welcome party will be a special moment, as this is the biggest from the Princess Cruises fleet, and just after a week of arriving in Southampton she will be officially named by The Duchess of Cambridge in the naming ceremony.

The Daily Echo has got together to Princess Cruises to offer 50 of their readers places onboard the Blue Funnel passenger boat, which will travel down Southampton Water to meet the new ship, it’s only then that you will realise the true size of the Royal Princess.

Because this special offer was made available yesterday, we’re pretty certain that all 50 places have been taken. Okay, so it’s easy to be envious, but that’s how these things go, you have to get in first.

If you are one of the lucky ones then take a camera along, and you’ll be pleased to know that the weather forecast for Southampton on Friday is looking good, as it will be 23 and mostly sunny.

You will need to get to Southampton early, as the Blue Funnel boat departs from Ocean Village at 10 am on Friday. There is parking available for you as well. If you arrive after 10 am, then you will not be able to board the boat, as she would have already left.

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