Carnival Sunshine cancelled sailings offers incentives

Carnival Sunshine cancelled sailings have incentives

For the most part the Carnival Sunshine inaugural cruise had gone pretty well, although there were a few issues with certain areas not being made available to the public. As you would imagine some passengers have come to expect this from a new ship, or one that has undergone some extensive changes. However, there are other passengers who believe that such work should have been completed so they can enjoy what they have paid for.

We had assumed that these issues were behind the cruise line, but it seems that there is a wave of Carnival Sunshine cancelled sailings, as the company needs to make some staterooms available for contractors in order for them to complete the work.

Cruise Critic says that the cancelled Carnival Sunshine cruise is for the June 7 sailing, although there is a compensation package, which includes a full refund, along with a free future cruise of the same length or less.

Carnival Cruise Line had to cancel peoples cruises based on the last in, last out basis. Meaning those who had booked their cruise last were those who missed out. It does seem as though this was the fairest way to do it. However, it still doesn’t excuse the fact these contractors are running behind and spoiling holidays for those looking forward to cruise onboard the Carnival Sunshine.

However, if you are one of those who have booked a standard cabin, then you might have found yourself being upgraded to one of the balcony cabins, as yours are needed for contractors to stay in.

So while this is bad news for some passengers having their cruise cancelled, for others it’s a positive because they will get a free upgrade.

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