Build-up to Titanic 2 cruise by visiting SS Nomadic

Build-up to Titanic 2 cruise by visiting SS Nomadic

If you cannot wait for the inaugural Titanic 2 cruise, then we think we have a way for you to build up to this historic day, and that is to visit the restored SS Nomadic. It’s nice to finally see how she looked back in 1912, and we’re sure that once you visit her you will be filled with all the memories you have of the original Titanic, seeing as though you have watched so many documentaries and other such TV footage of the great ship.

SS Nomadic was the tender to the Titanic back in 1912, and she was built alongside the big cruise liner. She looked very similar in appearance, although she only had the one funnel and was one fourth of the size. She was used to ferry passengers from Cherbourg in France to Southampton, not knowing that this would be the last time many of them would see their homeland.

The mini-Titanic as she is often known is the last remaining ship from the White Star Line, and so when you visit the SS Nomadic you really are getting close to the Titanic, as the same workman who constructed the tender were the same as those who worked on Titanic herself.

Belfast is a wonderful place, and now the new museum piece makes it an even better place to visit. Northern Ireland’s Department of Social Development purchased the ship for the sum of £200,000 back in 2006, as they saw a huge potential in her, along with the fact of bringing her home.

The Titanic tourism trail earns Belfast a decent amount of money, and so this new addition will only help increase this. SS Nomadic now resides close to the Titanic visitor’s centre in Belfast, and if you are planning on going on the Titanic 2 cruise ship, then we would suggest you visit the SS Nomadic first in order to begin what could become a legendary experience.

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  • Dillon

    The Nomadic didn’t ferry passengers from Cherbourg to Southampton. She only ferried passengers from the Cherbourg docks out to the Titanic/Olympic that was waiting in the Cherbourg harbor because she was too big to enter a dock.