4 Celebrity Cruise deals includes free drinks package for 2013

4 Celebrity Cruise deals includes free drinks package for 2013

Whenever you see cruise offers giving you the chance to save a few hundred dollars, this seems great at first, but once you get onboard those savings soon disappear because it’s so easy to get carried away. So isn’t it far better to be able to choose what kind of perk you would like, such as money off the cruise itself, free drinks package or something else?

Today we thought we would look at 4 Celebrity Cruise deals, so now you can choose the perk that best suits you. These Celebrity Cruise deals are for cruises booked between June 1 – 19, 2013 and will apply to cruises for 2013 and 2014. So what perk best suits you?

Celebrity Cruise Perk 1 – You can save yourself $200 for a 3-5 night Celebrity cruise, $400 for a 6-9 night sailing and finally $600 for a 10-night cruise. However, you will need to book with Celebrity’s ChoiceAir as well as their Lowest Airfare Guarantee in order to benefit from these savings.

Celebrity Cruise Perk 2 – If you like a drink or two then how about a Free Classic Beverage Packages? This package allows you and a guest to receive free wine and spirits, along with non- alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees. This is valued at $88 per day, so if you went on a 10 night cruse you could save yourself over $800, but that’s if you are a heavy drinker. If you are not, then you would be better going for the money off instead.

Celebrity Cruise Perk 3 – The third deal is for pre-paid gratuities for two, which has a value of $30 per stateroom per night.

The final Celebrity Cruise Perk – The 4th perk is for onboard spending. $100 for 3-5 night sailings, $200 for 6-9 night cruises and $300 for 10 nights or more.

So which of these four packages best suits you?

Visit Celebrity Cruises for more details.

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