Royal Caribbean fire on ship leads to more 2013 cancelations

Royal Caribbean fire on ship leads to more 2013 cancelations

The recent Royal Caribbean fire on the Grandeur of the Seas ship has already resulted in one cruise being cut short and another being canceled. However, RCI has now had to cancel another five cruises.

These latest RCI cancellations for 2013 are another blow for the company, as this has become a rather expensive accident. Not only had the Grandeur of the Seas had a $30 million refit last year, but they have also had to issue refunds along with a discount on future sailings for those already booked to sail on the ship.

In all there are 5 Grandeur of the Seas cancellations, which means the next sailing is not expected until 12 July 2013. However, that date could change if the company runs into more problems during repairs of the ship.

Who will receive a refund
– Those who were booked on the May 31 cruise will receive a full refund and 50 percent of a future sailing. Those booked on a Grandeur of the Seas cruise up until July 5, 2013 will receive a full refund and 25 percent off a future sailing.

However, you will need to book your next cruise no later than the 12th of June in order to take advantage of this discount.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, although we’re sure it will not take much longer for RCI and the U.S. Coast Guard to figure it out.

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