Cruise ship tracker app gets mixed reviews

Cruise ship tracker app gets mixed reviews

We’ve seen several apps that track the position of passenger planes, but what if you are more into cruising and find it more interesting to see where a passenger ship is at anytime in the world? Thankfully there is the Cruise ship tracker app for iOS called ship finder, which offers live vessel tracking.

Since its last update the app now fully supports the larger screen of the iPhone 5, just wish the pre-installed photo app was able to do the same. The Ship Finder app is said to offer almost real-time tracking or virtual radar as the developers likes to call it. Although it’s not just for tracking cruise ships, you still have the option to do so, which makes it ideal if you like to see where a loved one is while on their cruise holiday.

There’s a host of features for the cruise ship tracker app, such as live moving ships, ship route trails to see where the ship has been, search by vessel name, photographs and detailed information of that ship, and much more.

This app works by picking up AIS ship feeds, which is used by all passenger ships, as well as other vessels over 300 tons. Coverage of this app is extending all the time, and will only get better the more people download the app.

Ship Finder – Live vessel tracking has been given mixed reviews on iTunes, such as claims that there is no tracking around Plymouth, but we have to assume this is because it is near a Naval base. There are also complaints that coverage in the US is not as good as people had hoped.

Have you installed this app yet, if so let us know how you got on?

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