Carnival cruise ship fire not same as Royal Caribbean

Carnival cruise ship fire not same as Royal Caribbean

When news broke out regarding the Royal Caribbean fire onboard the Grandeur of the Seas, we were then reminded of the Carnival cruise ship fire that happened on the Carnival Triumph. Thankfully things were not as bad for RCI and their response has been remarkable, and as a result has been praised by passengers and others in the industry.

As you would imagine Royal Caribbean’s actions has been compared to Carnival Cruise line, and the former has come out far better. The reason for this was because the crew was able to react quickly, and RCI put on 11 charter flights to get the 2,200 passengers back home. Not only that, but they have been given a full refund and a free future cruise as well.

Okay, so we know that Carnival did not handle things as well as that, but the Carnival cruise ship fire was not the same as Royal Caribbean, because the circumstances were very different. For one, the Grandeur of the Seas never lost power, and so they were able to keep most of the ships services running, apart from the air-con, for obvious reasons. They also had the ability to sail into port, something the Triumph was unable to do.

We’re not sure how well RCI would have handled the situation if the Grandeur of the Seas had lost power, although you cannot fault their efforts for keeping their passengers fully informed, and went above and beyond getting them back home.

The Royal Caribbean had hindsight in learning from the mistakes made by Carnival, and we wouldn’t expect to see Carnival make a repeat performance. We should also respect the fact that they have implemented a host of upgrades to key systems, such as improved back up generators, all of which is costing the company $300 million.

We’d also like to end this on a good note, as Carnival Dream came to the rescue of two sailors who were stranded on their boat at see off the coast of Florida.

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