Royal Caribbean fire on cruise ship update: passengers arrive home

Royal Caribbean fire on cruise ship update- passengers arrive home

The Royal Caribbean fire on the cruise ship Grandeur of the Seas saw the holiday cut short for 2,200 passengers, which we reported earlier today. However, since then those passengers have now been arriving back in Baltimore after RCI had booked them all charter flights.

It’s horrible that their holiday had to be cut short and the fact that they are now back home, when they should still be enjoying their cruise for another few days. However, we have to be thankful that all passengers escaped the ship unhurt and are back home with their loved ones.

You’ll see in the image above just how substantial the damage to the stern of the ship is, which is why we already know the May 31 sailing has been cancelled, and we expect several other future sailings to be cancelled as well. It’s horrible to know that a fire broke out onboard Grandeur of the Seas because of a recent fire on a rival cruise ship, as well as the fact that the Royal Caribbean cruise ship underwent an extensive refit last year.

In all, RCI had to arrange for 11 charter flights to get all the passengers home, so you cannot fault their PR department, as they have acted swiftly to even send the company’s CEO to the fire damaged Grandeur of the Seas, not only to access the damage, but to also talk with passengers and make sure they were safe and happy with how they have been treated.

It’s nice to know that RCI has not hidden anything, and has been on their social channels, such as Twitter, to keep people fully informed as to what is going on.

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