Poor Norwegian Breakaway design claim divided

Poor Norwegian Breakaway design claim divided

The Norwegian Breakaway got off to a rocky start on its first cruise, although this was more due to the popularity of this ship, and so getting onboard took longer than NCL had hoped. However, once on the ship passengers were for the most part happy, although there was one of two reservations.

Thankfully, those teething troubles were thought to be behind the ship, and so the Norwegian Breakaway reviews were seen as positive. However, some reviews could be about to take a turn for the worst, as there are now claims of poor design and testing.

Just a few days ago, the Norwegian Breakaway sustained damage, which was due to poor weather conditions. While sailing back to New York from Bermuda, the Breakaway encountered winds of up to 50 knots, and as a result some forward balcony dividers had worked their way lose, which as you would imagine is a cause for concern in terms of safety. Thankfully, the damage has now been fixed, but there are questions that need to be answered.

Okay, so we know that high winds are common while on a cruise, but you do not expect balcony dividers to work their way lose. We’ve heard several reports that the ship sounded as though she was groaning in the night, but that’s something we have all heard from time to time while on a cruise.

Some Cruise Critic readers have been saying that the Norwegian Breakaway is a poor design and that more tests should have been carried out. While others say that the reports are over exaggerated and are being made to sound as if the damage was extensive, when the only damage was to a few balcony dividers.

Do you think it is right to be concerned about this latest Norwegian Breakaway news, or is it something of nothing?

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  • Ri_cruiser

    No real news here. It was slow boarding for a very large ship and a few dividers. All other reports I have read seem to be very positive. I plan to sail her in July so hopefully the “links” are worked out by then.

  • Renee

    When reading the reviews on cruise critics, the Breakaway’s positive approval percentage seems to be fluctuating from the low to high 60’s percent, which IMO is not good. Many reviews on the poor design and the smell of cigarettes and cigars in a lot of places etc. 50 knot winds should not have been a problem. I will pass on the Breakaway and will wait for the RCCL Quantum of the Seas.

  • TLS1012

    I have a customer who just came back from that ship and said she was very disappointed. She said it was grossly understaffed, the food was just OK and she has a “been there, done that” attitude towards this ship.