MSC Cruises Military Rate promotion for USA and Canada

MSC Cruises Military Rate promotion for USA

Serving military personnel do a wonderful job in protecting their country, but at a price, as they not only put their lives at risk when they are on tour, but also have to stay away from their loved ones for many months at a time. When they are back home it’s a special moment for them, their family and friends.

MSC Cruises understands this and want to make it all the more special, which is why they currently have their MSC Cruises Military Rate promotion for those serving in the military in the USA and Canada. As a thank you to those brave men and women they will be given up to 10 percent discount on all cruises.

It gets even better than that, as this special MSC Cruises discount also applies for those who have retired from active service, along with their spouses, children, parents, and even their parent-in-laws and dependent children. The special discount applies to all the military forces, so the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Army Reserve, National Guard, and even Department of Defense personnel.

As you would imagine you will need to prove that you are or have been an active member of the US or Canadian military, and so will need your I.D. badge to confirm this. You cannot book online to take advantage of this discount; instead you will need to call MSC Cruises on 1-877-665-4655. Remember, you will need to ask the sales representative at the time of booking that you would like the Military Rate promotion.

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