Costa Concordia news update: Manslaughter trial for Captain

Costa Concordia news update- Captain facing manslaughter trial

The Costa Concordia captain learned yesterday that he is to stand trial for manslaughter, as well as several other charges because of the incident that took place on that ill-fated night of January 13, 2012 at about 9:45 pm in Tuscany. The trial date is set for July 9, where he will answer to charges for causing his ship to run aground, which as we know had fatal consequences.

32 people died on the ship; with several others injured, and to add salt to the injury he then abandoned his vessel, while a huge percentage of the passengers and crew were still onboard. We’ve even heard a recording where he was ordered to get back on the Costa Concordia, but he did not take that advice.

While Francesco Schettino is being blamed for the accident, and seems to be the only one in the limelight, the New York Times reports that the “Justice for the Concordia” believe Costa Cruises also has to take some of that blame, as they were slow to react to the ship veering off course and getting rather close to land.

As you would imagine, Schettino is not taking this lying down and claims that he was ordered to get close to the island where the Concordia ran aground. However, the cruise company agreed to pay $1.28 million for administrative offenses, but that will not bring back the lives of those lost.

Those who did survive and were injured have received compensation from the cruise line, along with some of the families who had lost loved ones on that terrible night.

The island of Giglio where the incident took place is also seeking damages of €80, as many islanders have been affected by the wreck, which is still there.

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