Brilliance of the Seas refurbishment in pictures

Brilliance of the Seas refurbishment in pictures

Brilliance of the Seas is now 11 years old, and is not considered old, but it’s not that young either, especially when you look at some of the newer, larger ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet. In it’s time it has been refurbished, but this latest Brilliance of the Seas refurbishment was long overdue, as some of the new features have been needed for a while now.

The main areas that needed to be revitalised was in the speciality restaurants, as RCI understand that this is where they can make a good profit, because even though the choice of food in with your cruise price is good, it’s also nice to have something a little special from time to time – as long as they don’t overcharge like Ocean Blue onboard the Norwegian Breakaway.

Brilliance of the Seas refurbishment

One of the more interesting new Brilliance of the Seas eateries is the Japanese restaurant Izumi, as it allows you to get more involved with the food that you eat, as you can sear the meat on hot rocks. However, there will be some people who believe that you pay the extra to relax, not to help prepare your own food. However, not all passengers will share this view, as other visitors to the restaurant will enjoy becoming more involved and will make it a far more fun experience.

Brilliance of the Seas refurbishment 2

As expected WiFi is now available throughout the ship, which will come in handy for those who need to stay in contact with work or find it important to check their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This was a pretty decent refit, one that cost RCI $30 million.

Brilliance of the Seas refurbishment 3

More details on this refit are available here, and while we have provided a few images for you, you can see more Brilliance of the Seas refit pictures on the Royal Caribbean Facebook page.

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