A new smaller Norwegian Breakaway envisaged

A new smaller Norwegian Breakaway envisaged

As you may well know the Norwegian Breakaway is the newest cruise ship in the NCL fleet, and as you know has been getting positive reviews. It seems there’s a lot of love for this new ship, so much so that an 11-year-old boy has decided to celebrate its launch by creating his own version.

This young boy has envisaged a new smaller Norwegian Breakaway, by creating a replica made from recycled cardboard and putting it together with duct tape. You’ll see in the image that the young lad has even created lifeboats, which have been made from paper towel rolls.

He even created drawings of the ship, all of which took him several weeks to create from start to finish. Norwegian Cruise Lines has said on their Facebook page how impressed they are with this model, and as such will want to make the young boy and his parent’s cruise an extra special one, as they are booked to go on the Norwegian Breakaway.

We have no idea how they plan to make it an extra special cruise, as these could be just words, one that they would say to any of their passengers. It comes as no surprise to us that friends of the NCL Facebook page has been making their own suggestions as to how they can make this a memorable cruise for the child and his family.

Some believe the kid and his family should receive a complimentary cruise, while others believe they should be upgraded to a Penthouse Suite as well as having his work of art on display on the ship, and then be auctioned off and the proceeds go towards the kids college fund.

How should NCL show their appreciation?

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