Norwegian Breakaway price increase for Ocean Blue confirmed

Norwegian Breakaway price increase for Ocean Blue confirmed

It wasn’t that long ago when there were reports that the cover charge for Geoffrey Zakarian’s Ocean Blue restaurant onboard Norwegian Breakaway was said to have been under priced, and as such would need to be reevaluated. Well it has and we are sad to say that the price has now been increased.

This Norwegian Breakaway price increase in the Ocean Blue eatery is a blow for passengers who thought they were getting a great deal, but it just shows that you can’t have too much of a good thing. The new price will now be $49, instead of $35.

What about those already booked for a meal at Ocean Blue? We’re told that those who already have a reservations at Ocean Blue at the cheaper price of $35 will still be honored, the increase only applies to new bookings, which we’re certain will not go down well with passengers.

Cruise Critic readers have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the price increase, with some of them saying it is a rip off, to others suggesting that the restaurant will now be empty, although not sure this will be the case. Having said that, how can a huge company like Norwegian Cruise Line get their pricing so wrong?

$35 isn’t too bad to eat in a specialty restaurant, but $49 is bordering on an excessive amount. Okay, so it’s nice to eat in one of these specialty restaurants at least once while on a cruise, but the food that you have already paid for is still of a high standard, so we can see more people sticking with the main restaurants onbaord Norwegian Breakaway.

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  • dudetb3

    i ate there. while the food was good the portions was so small to the point where the meal should have been worth no more than 30 dollars a person. unless they made it so you could get unlimited amount of appetizers/ main entrees .. this meal is not good enough for $150 for three people

  • cruise fan

    well i was gonna eat there, guess i wont be doing so now. this is how restaurants lose business