Best Cruise Line winner is Cunard, 7 times the charm

Best Cruise Line winner is Cunard, 7 times the charm

The Best Cruise Lines awards is something that companies such as Cunard, NCL, RCI, P&O and others take very seriously, as it shows they are doing a good job at keeping their customers happy. There are so many of these awards, with some more prestigious than others, and the Daily Telegraph Ultra Travel Awards is just one of them.

The Best Cruise Line winner this year is Cunard, and what makes this win so special is that they have won this 7 years in a row now, which shows they are doing something right. You can see in the image above just how happy the Cunard team who collected the award are.

Cunard has said that this award is very special to them for several reasons, the first is because it recognises the hard work that their staff across the fleet put in. Secondly, it is because this award was voted for by Daily Telegraph readers who have cruised with them.

The luxury cruise liner company has said that winning this ward will give them greater confidence for the future, and will ensure they do all they can to keep winning such prestigious awards, as it proves they are doing right by their passengers.

It’s clear to see once you have cruised with Cunard you will see it is a far different experience to that of other cruise lines, but Cunard is for a different kind of passenger. If you wish to feel special and enjoy a cruise full of elegance, then a Cunard cruise is for you. However, if you are looking for a fun-filled time for you and your children, then you may wish to consider one of the other companies.

Thanks to Cunard.

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